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My name is Rachel Abbott

I love to travel.....

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    Worldwide Holidays

    Looking for Inspiration?

    Whatever you’re after, from villa holidays in Florida to all-inclusive in Antigua, from luxury in Las Vegas to surfing in Hawaii, I've got something for you. Because it’s a big world out there, and sometimes there’s more to holidays than beaches. But if that’s your thing, I’ve got the best beaches too.

    South Africa

    Hiking to the summit of Table Mountain with a local guide, cycling between vineyards to sip on the finest wines, driving along winding ocean roads, observing a lion pride just a few steps from your vehicle… South Africa’s breadth of experiences means no two days are the same. But I can take you even further, into the country’s wildest corners, along dazzling beaches known only by locals, and through varied neighbourhoods to meet the people who give the country its soul.

    The trip I design for you will revolve around whatever interests you most. You might spend a day exploring the Cape Peninsula with a private guide whose own passions match yours, be it nature, surfing, family adventures, or food. Or, if South Africa’s history compels you, I could arrange for you to visit the Battlefields area with guides whose retellings will bring past events to life.

    Another way to explore South Africa is through tasting its food, and a walking tour of Cape Town’s multicultural eateries will highlight just how diverse the country is. And, if your ideal trip involves encountering wildlife in its natural habitat, I can plan a safari in a private reserve bordering the Kruger, where any tree could be hiding a snoozing leopard and elephant families quench their thirst right in front of your camp.

    However you like to explore, I can help you uncover South Africa’s many layers through experiences that add a deeper meaning to your trip and help you rediscover your passions — or even reveal new ones.

    Luxury Holidays

    A luxury holiday allows you to indulge in the best that a destination has to offer from boutique hotels, stunning resorts and sumptuous lodges to intimate cruise ships, unique safaris, iconic rail journeys and private yacht charters.

    As everyone’s idea of luxury is unique, I will make it my priority to create a holiday that is right for you. From the Caribbean and Dubai to the Plains of the Masai Mara and Australia’s Red Centre I have an extensive range of possibilities and all that’s left for you to do it sit back, relax and look forward to your holiday.


    Every once in a while, you can feel an urge to experience something beyond a normal holiday. It might be one of epic scale, such as a trip along the Trans-Siberian Railway. One that takes you back through history, passing Ancient Egyptian tombs on a Nile cruise or following in the path of early traders along the Silk Route. Or, it might be a journey to one of the Earth’s farthest-flung reaches, Antarctica or the Arctic.

    Where do you begin to plan one of the world’s truly great journeys? This is where I can help.  I can help you to plan in every detail whichever most inspires you, tailoring each day to your interests. 


    Sometimes, you can only really get to know a destination by exploring from the water as well as on land. It’s a chance to see things from a fresh perspective and reach otherwise inaccessible corners.

    I also know it’s not just where you cruise, but how you cruise that’s important. That’s why I’ve carefully chosen intimate ships with high levels of service shaped around you. Each offers expedition-style experiences you can only have on the water, led by expert guides who’ll help you discover the landscapes, wildlife, culture, and history of your destination first-hand.

    You might sail past Egypt’s tombs and temples aboard an Art-Deco-style riverboat, venture out to Australia’s far-flung Whitsunday Islands on a luxurious, all-frills ship, or spot Antarctica’s penguins, seals, and humpback whales from the deck of an expedition vessel.


    From booking flights and hotels to check-in and every step in between, your next business trip has just got easier.

    All your travel needs, all in one place, no matter your industry or where you are in the world. Corporate travel never sounded so good.

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