Pilates and you...

Have you always wanted to try Pilates to take better care of yourself, but then a little voice in your head pipes up....

  • 'Everyone will know what they're doing'

  • They'll all stare at me'

  • I won't be able to do it, I'm too old, overweight, not mobile enough...

The truth is:

  • Everyone is learning, and it's ok to watch how an exercise is done

  • The only person staring at you is me

  • All of the exercises can be adapted so that they suit everyone (even me)

So stop listening to the negative voice in your head, book your FREE class trial today to discover your more flexible, stronger self.

Have a look at my timetable to find the class for you!

  • Imagine yourself at your fittest and healthiest

  • Short 10-15 minute workouts to improve your physical and mental health

  • Workouts can be done anywhere and will fit into your busy life

  • Contact me today to book your FREE Online trial!

Is 10 minutes long enough?

YES, it is!  If you are short of time, why not try a quick 10 minute video of focused movement each day and this will help you make progress on your goals.  You’ll finish these workouts feeling energized, refreshed, accomplished, and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

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