Hi, I'm Helen


 I created this online platform to provide workouts and resources for busy people who:

  • struggle to find time to exercise

  • desperately want to love their bodies again

  • are looking for an exercise plan that will work for them in the long-term

I'm also passionate about helping people transform their relationship with exercise and find an enjoyable way to take care of their body and mind once and for all.  


Julie C

I sleep better, my mobility is progressively improving, I'm starting to notice that my strength, energy and flexibility are  all improving too. Her online classes and videos have been brilliant, and as they are only for half an hour it has encouraged me to do the classes everyday so I end up doing more Pilates in a week which is brilliant!

Nicky D

I love attending Helen's classes and have been attending them for a couple of years.  She makes them fun yet  I feel I always have a good workout.  I'm growing stronger and more flexible, and I'm looking forward to her new Member's Lounge.

Clare G

I joined one of Helen's classes when she first started teaching and have been attending ever since.  I am amazed at the variety that she brings to each session, maintaining everyone's interest.  The aches in my back have now improved and I move around much more freely.  The classes are also fun and members get to know each other and enjoy the company.